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Free Servo Motor & Drive Sizing and Selection Software January 13, 2010

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To assist engineers with the sizing and selection of the proper motor/drive system, Servo2Go offers a Free Servo Motor & Drive Sizing and Selection Software.Motioneering Software

Motioneering Motor/Drive Sizing & Selection Software assists in system sizing and selection based on your predefined input parameters, and generates you a printed detailed report of it¹s recommendations.  Application mechanisms that can be selected include: leadscrew, rack and pinion, conveyor, nip rolls, spindles and direct drive rotary and linear devices.  Motion profiles include simple triangle, trapezoidal and custom built for flexibility in the number and type of segments defined. Product selection includes over 500 systems.  Information can be imported and exported and reports can be printed.

MOTIONEERING® is a Windows®-based Software that:

  • Lets the engineer choose an application
  • Define a motion profile
  • Select the optimum servomotor, amplifier and power supply
  • Its database of motor types includes DC servo, brushless servo, direct drive linear, direct drive rotary and vector AC

The software can be downloaded at-


For More Information, contact us at:



Toll Free Phone:     877-378-0240                

Toll Free Fax:        877-378-0249


1. Cody - May 19, 2011

How would one go about administering servo repair for a broken motor. It will not respond to certain frequencies and runs sluggish when it does.

Servo2Go.com - May 19, 2011


Who is the manufacturer for this servo motor?


Warren Osak, warren@servo2go.com

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