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New Digital Servo Drives feature PCB mount design March 13, 2010

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DZ Series Servo Drives

Greenville, DE —   Servo2Go.com has just added remarkable new PCB mount additions to it’s broad range of highly responsive and feature rich digital servo drives from Advanced Motion Controls.  The ‘DZ’ drives are µ-sized servo drives requiring less space than a standard business card and weigh about the same as two golf balls!!!  Designed to be completely compact, DZ’s take up little space, eliminate wiring hassle and still deliver unparalleled performance.

Providing 10-80 Vdc operation while delivering 12 A continuous/20 A peak current, DZ Series can be configured to operate in torque, velocity, and position modes for brushed, voice coil, or brushless motors. Units deliver up to 1 kW continuous power when needed and can achieve up to 98% efficiency.  Supporting CANopen and RS-232/485 up to ~1 Mbaud, drives accept variety of input commands including PVT, ±10 V analog, Encoder Following, Step and Direction, and PWM and Direction.

Highlighting just a few of the features of these very capable servo drives:

  • Considered µ-sized, DZ’s have an incredibly small footprint (smaller than a business card!) and weigh a mere 100 grams or less, including heat sink!
  • All DZ’s can be configured to operate in torque, velocity (encoder or Hall) and position modes for brushed, voice coil or brushless motors.
  • DZ’s have extremely high current loop bandwidth for quick response times as needed or when used in critical or demanding applications.
  • DZ networks include CANopen or RS-232/485 (up to ~1 Mbaud!). Input commands can come over the network, such as PVT (position/velocity/time) or through direct inputs for: ±10V analog, Encoder Following, Step & Direction, PWM & Direction – to operate any mode.
  • Some DZ’s capacity includes 10 – 80 Vdc operation while delivering 12 Amps continuous / 20 Amps peak. This provides up to 1 kW continuous power when needed and can achieve up to 98% efficiency!
    DZ’s have an optional mounting card available for quick prototyping and documented interface reference designs for quick circuit integration.
  • DZ’s common PCB pin out platform allows OEM’s to design to any power capacity but choose from the smallest power size to largest power size, everything from today’s available products to even higher powered future release versions!
  • With multiple product choices, implementing DZ’s increased product functionality to meet many application needs will result in a dramatic reduction of system complexity. Yet, DZ’s are also cost-effective by themselves to further minimize overall system costs.
  • As more applications require smaller mounting spaces or become completely mobile, designing with DZ’s would be the perfect match and choice. High power density, high operating efficiencies and low cost, what more could you ask for?


More information on the New DZ Series µ-sized PCB mount Servo Drives from Servo2Go.com can be viewed at-


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