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Technical Support Tools for the Motion Control Engineer February 26, 2012

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To assist engineers with the sizing and selection of the proper motor/drive system, Servo2Go offers a number of tools to simplify your component design and selection.  These are:  the Smart Motion Cheat Sheet, Motioneering Motor/Drive Sizing & Selection Software and the Motioneering Toolbar Software.

Our Motioneering Motor/Drive Sizing & Selection Software assists in system sizing and selection based on your predefined input parameters, and generates you a printed detailed report of it’s recommendations.

The Smart Motion Cheat Sheet was created to provide the system designer the information most commonly used to properly determine the torque at speed required by a given application and to give some guidelines for selecting the most appropriate motor-drive system to deliver that required torque at speed. 

The Motioneering Toolbar Software provides a convenient engineering units converter to facilitate common technical calculations.  This tool will have universal appeal to both engineers and students.

Motioneering Toolbar Software Functions:

  • Unit conversion
    • 28 parameters, hundreds of units
  • Densities of materials – broad selection of materials and elements
  • Inertia calculations
    • Cylinder
    • Parallelepiped
    • Spherical shell
    • Sphere
    • Slender rod
    • Tetrahedron
  • Integrates with MOTIONEERING® and other programs utilizing a simple copy and paste function
  • Trigonometric and calculus reference

Our Motioneering Motor/Drive Sizing & Selection Software assists in system sizing and selection based on your predefined input parameters, and generates you a printed detailed report of it¹s recommendations.  Application mechanisms that can be selected include: leadscrew, rack and pinion, conveyor, nip rolls, spindles and direct drive rotary and linear devices.  Motion profiles include simple triangle, trapezoidal and custom built for flexibility in the number and type of segments defined. Product selection includes over 500 systems.  Information can be imported and exported and reports can be printed.

MOTIONEERING® is a Windows®-based Software that:

  • Lets the engineer choose an application
  • Define a motion profile
  • Select the optimum servomotor, amplifier and power supply
  • Its database of motor types includes DC servo, brushless servo, direct drive linear, direct drive rotary and vector AC

Announcing MOTIONEERING® Application Engine 6.1.0 – Kollmorgen’s latest release of our premier motion sizing and selection software. This release features our new KBM™ Series Frameless Kit brushless motors with our AKD™ servo drive family, complimenting our existing rotary and linear actuation systems. Sizing frameless motors and drive systems has never been easier. Using a mechanism project concept for the collection and saving of multiple axes of load information, MOTIONEERING® can automatically calculate application results and compare against a database catalog of systems – recommending to our customers the most optimized set of Kollmorgen system solutions available. 

The engine has the flexibility to sum the effects of multiple axes of motion for power supply and shunt regeneration sizing (rotary applications only). Versatile units-of-measure selection options for mechanism and motion profile data-entry, with the ability to convert data into other available units, makes this an convenient international tool. A user-friendly Help file explains program functions, definition of terms, and algorithms used to perform application results.


Understanding Torque Ripple
PDF: 146.51 kb
Choosing A Power Supply For Your Stepper Drive
PDF: 65.60 kb
Comparative Motor Technologies
PDF: 97.64 kb
Detection and Shielding of Noise in Stepper Motor Systems
PDF: 86.45 kb
EtherNet/IP with Applied Motion Drives
PDF: 578.30 kb
High Speed Performance Limitations of Step Motors
PDF: 192.81 kb
Introduction to Step Motors
PDF: 491.23 kb
Motion Control Terminology
PDF: 264.92 kb
Reasons For Turning to Slotless Motor Technology
PDF: 73.88 kb
Selecting A Brush Commutated DC Motor
PDF: 117.30 kb
Smart Motion Cheat Sheet
PDF: 191.68 kb
The Basics of Optical Encoders
PDF: 71.78 kb
The 10 Most Common Mistakes Made When Purchasing Automation
PDF: 63.36 kb
->Motioneering Toolbar Software<-
EXE: 1,816.31 kb
Torsional Stiffness In Gearheads
PDF: 69.59 kb
->MOTIONEERING Application Engine (v6.1.0)<-
EXE: 12,295.49 kb

For more information, please contact:

Warren Osak
Toll Free Phone:   877-378-0240
Toll Free Fax:       877-378-0249


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