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Linear Stepper Motors Offer Large Driving Forces at Cost Effective Price March 3, 2012

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Nippon Pulse’s linear stepper series provides a simple motion system at a fraction of the cost of conventional rotary stepper motors and traditional linear motion systems. Our LINEARSTEP® series are permanent magnet type stepper motors that enable linear motions without the need for external transformers. The LINEARSTEP® series offers a wide range of customizable options, including various screw pitches, screw lengths, bipolar or unipolar windings, and several operating voltages.
Nippon Pulse Linear Stepper Motor
Because of its ball bearing support and strong motor case, the LINEARSTEP® series provides you with durability and a long operating life. With an enhanced Neodymium rotor magnet, the LINEARSTEP® series also offers a large driving force, up to 39.5N at 200pps. These linear motors can be controlled and driven by the same electronics used for rotary stepper motors.

Features of Nippon Pulse’s Linear Stepper Motors include:

• Two motor sizes, 25mm and 35mm
• Bipolar and Unipolar windings
• Three thread pitches (0.48mm, 0.96mm, 1.20mm)
• 30mm and 60mm effective stroke lengths
• 12V and 5V coil ratings
• 24 or 48 steps per revolution
• Forces between 8N and 39.5N (at 200pps)
• Travel per step between 0.01mm and 0.05mm
• Step angles of 7.5° and 15°
• Rated current between 0.10A/F and 0.42A/F

Typical applications include:

• Microtiting tables
• XY stages
• Liquid dispensing devices
• Medical pumps
• Analysis machines
• Control valves
• Semiconductor wafer handling machines
• Data storage recorders
• Industrial Laser Welding
• Medical Device Welding
• Printing equipment


The Nippon Pulse LINEARSTEP® series can be used in a wide range of applications, including biomedical handling and liquid dispensing. In this video, you can see two Nippon Pulse linear stepper motors, on one long shaft, being used as a test tube handler. Also included on this demo unit is a Nippon Pulse geared stepper motor.


Click on the link below for additional information-

Nippon Pulse’s Linear Stepper Motors

For more information, please contact:

Warren Osak
Toll Free Phone:   877-378-0240
Toll Free Fax:       877-378-0249


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