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New Video: Using PVT – Position Velocity Time Mode with Galil Motion Controllers April 26, 2012

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Galil's PVT Mode

Galil's PVT Mode

Galil’s newest mode of motion is PVT (Position, Velocity, Time).  This mode allows arbitrary motion profiles to be defined by position, velocity and time individually on all axes.  This motion is designed for systems where the load must traverse a series of coordinates within time constraints and with no discontinuities in velocity.  Taking advantage of the built in buffering, the user can create virtually any profile including those with infinite path lengths. 

GalilPVT is a developer’s tool for using the PVT mode of motion on the DMC-40×0 series motion controller.  PVT is one of Galil’s more sophisticated modes of motion, and the GalilPVT software tool allows the user to visualize the planned trajectory prior to sending the data to the controller.    It displays each PVT point as it would be commanded by the user including elapsed time, total distance, incremental position, velocity and incremental time.  It also displays a kinematics view including distance, velocity, acceleration and jerk.

This short 2 minute video demonstrates smooth multi-axis motion through arbitrary points using PVT (Position Velocity Time). 

Click on the following link to view this YouTube Video-

Additional information on Galil’s Motion Controller Family can be found at-

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