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ADVANCED Motion Controls® announces the release of DriveWare® 7 software for DigiFlex® Performance™ servo drives October 30, 2012

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ADVANCED Motion Controls® announces the release of DriveWare® 7 software for DigiFlex® Performance™ servo drives

Advanced Motion Controls DriveWare7 Software

Advanced Motion Controls DriveWare7 Software

Available for immediate download DriveWare® 7 (DW7) enables new capabilities in DigiFlex® Performance™ servo drives from ADVANCED Motion Controls®.  DW7 introduces the capability to create up to 16 unique index tasks by defining position, velocity, and acceleration/deceleration values where indexes can be either Relative or Absolute motion profiles.

With DW7, servo drives can now store two different configuration settings that include unique Loop Configuration, Gain Set, Command Source and Command Limiter settings simplifying machine design and maintenance for the engineer by allowing switching between each.

On-the-fly Mode Switching has been added allowing machine programmers for example to switch from velocity mode for a long constant speed move directly to position mode so the motor can be precisely positioned at the end of the move to a specific location.

Network communication settings have been made more configurable for CANopen, RS-485/232 and EtherCAT® allowing the network communication settings to be adjusted independently of the settings used to connect to DW7.  Adding Mappable PDOs to configure, edit, and map RPDOs and TPDOs and the ability to assign CANopen TPDOs to specific drive events.

About DriveWare® 7

DriveWare® 7 software is used to commission, troubleshoot, and integrate all ADVANCED Motion Controls’ DigiFlex® Performance™ digital servo drives. All drive limits, control loops (current, velocity, and position), and event handling can be configured in DriveWare® 7. Notable features include a fully functional multi-channel oscilloscope, function generator and user friendly layout and interface.

For more product information, reference the web site at www.a-m-c.com/products/driveware.html .  DriveWare® 7 is available for free download.

About ADVANCED Motion Controls®

ADVANCED Motion Controls, a U.S. company in business for 25 years now, was founded with the idea of designing and manufacturing lower cost / higher power density servo drives. The company’s focus remains to create and deliver the best motion control drives for brushed or brushless servo motors. With over 2 million axes shipped, ADVANCED Motion Controls has become one of the fastest growing servo drive companies in the world!

For more information on Servo Amplifiers from Advanced Motion Controls, click on the link below-


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