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EtherCAT and DxM Technology Reviewed at RoboBusiness 2012 November 5, 2012

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Interview on Engineering TV with Karl Meier.   4 minute video.

Bill Wong of Electronic Design magazine talks to Karl Meier, Marketing Manager at Advanced Motion Controls about EtherCAT and DXM Technology for very efficient industrial networking.

OEM’s are continually challenged to provide motion control precision at lowest possible cost.  Precision has been given a boost with the advent of EtherCAT®, an open Ethernet-based network standard setting new heights for real-time performance and topology flexibility, and has been the fastest growing area in motion control technology.   Advanced Motion Controls has created exclusive ‘DxM’ – Demultiplexed Motion technology allowing connectivity of up to 3 DZS drives (sub-nodes) to a single DZE (node) on an EtherCAT® network for up to 4 axes of servo motion.  Removing the cost of additional EtherCAT® nodes greatly reduces overall system cost.  ‘DxM’ Technology handles all sub-node activity easily through one node, making master tasks much simpler in multi-axis systems.

Click on the link below to view a demonstration of AMC’s DxM Technology.

Advanced Motion Control DxM Technology Video

The 4 minute video can also be viewed at the link below-


For more information on the DxM Technology from Advanced Motion Controls , click on the link below-


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