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Whitepaper: The EtherCAT® Performance Advantage November 15, 2012

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New Whitepaper from Advanced Motion Controls, of Camarillo, CA.   7 pages

EtherCAT opens new possibilities in motion control by allowing higher data throughput and faster cycle times than other networks.  Imagine controlling 4 servo drives and over 280 I/O points at a 100µs update rate.  It can and has been done!  On top of this imagine using our highly compact Z-Drives and an I/O module that was custom built to your specifications, or if that doesn’t suit your needs what if we gave away the reference design so you could build your own I/O module.   Our DxM™ and DxI/O™ technology makes all this possible.

EtherCAT Whitepaper

EtherCAT Whitepaper

Discover how EtherCAT is able to achieve this performance in this white paper.

For more information on the DxM Technology from Advanced Motion Controls , click on the link below-


For more information, please contact:

Editorial Contact:

Warren Osak
Toll Free Phone:  877-378-0240
Toll Free Fax:   877-378-0249


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