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Webinar- Applying Stepper Motors: Application Questions You Must Answer & Things to Watch Out For December 16, 2012

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ElectroCraft Stepper Motor

ElectroCraft Stepper Motor

(Recorded: Tuesday, June 26, 2012, 2:00 pm ET)

This pre-recorded webinar will review some of the basic parameters necessary to properly select and apply stepper motor technology to motion applications. Topics included in this discussion will be a review of basic stepper speed-torque behavior including the stepper over-voltage ratio, a stepper in constant current operation vs. a stepper in voltage drive region, thermal ratings, the impact of winding changes on dynamic behavior, calculations and considerations for intermittent duty operation, motor/system accuracy, failure modes, and the application of all these criterion when applying stepper-based linear actuator product.

Engineers currently using stepper technology in their motion applications want to understand how to apply stepper motor technology to get the best result should attend this webinar.

In this webinar you will learn:

-Basic parameters necessary to properly select and apply stepper motor technology

-How to understand the stepper motor speed-torque curve and how to apply this to the application

-The main factors to consider when trying to optimize a stepper motor in a variety of applications

Tim Burke
Chief Engineer, ElectroCraft

Click on the link below to view the prerecorded Seminar-

For more information on the Stepper Motor products from ElectroCraft, click on the link below-


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