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Galil DMC-40×0 Accelera Series Now Available with 2 Ethernet Ports May 2, 2013

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Galil has just released the latest model in the DMC-40×0 Accelera Motion Controller Series. There is now a -C022 option that provides two Ethernet ports for easy-daisy chaining of multiple controllers. The -C022 option is available for 1- through 8-axis versions of the DMC-40×0 motion controller. For example, DMC-4060-C022 specifies a 6-axis model with dual Ethernet ports.

Galil DMC-4000 Motion Controller

The DMC-40×0 is part of Galil’s latest generation Accelera series. Based on a powerful RISC processor Accelera controllers provide ultra high-speed with 40 microsecond command processing,  up to 32kHz servo update rates, and acceptance of encoder inputs up to 22MHz. Other features include optically isolated inputs and outputs, high power outputs for driving brakes and relays, uncommitted analog inputs, dual encoder inputs for each axis, and plenty of program memory for storing application programs.

The DMC-40×0 provides precise control of a variety of motors including brush servos, brushless servos, steppers and piezo ceramic motors. It can be easily connected to external drives of any size or to internal multi-axis drives contained within the DMC-40×0 controller.  The DMC-40×0 controllers with internal drives reduce space, cost and wiring. Table 1 shows the  multi-axis drive options available for the DMC-40×0 series.

Internal multi-axis drive options

As a combined controller and drive unit, the DMC-40×0 is compact and measures 8.1” x 7.25” x 1.72” for the 4-axis model and 11.5” x 7.25” x 1.72” for the 8-axis model. The unit accepts power from a single DC supply between 20-80VDC.

For additional information on the DMC-40×0 Accelera Series and new -C022 dual Ethernet port option, see


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