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New 2-axis Drives for DMC-40×0 and DMC-41×3 controllers from Galil October 5, 2013

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Galil’s DMC-40×0 Accelera and DMC-41×3 Econo Ethernet motion controllers are now available with additional multi-axis servo and stepper drive options.  The AMP-43540 4-axis 600W brushless sine drive is now available in a 2-axis model as the AMP-43520, and the SDM-44040 4-axis stepper drive is available as a 2-axis model as the SDM-44020.  The new 2-axis drive options provide additional cost savings for OEM applications. A brief description of the new 2-axis amplifiers are below.  The 2-axis models will be available for shipment in about a month and announced in the April issue of ServoTrends.

Galil DMC-41x3 with AMP-43540

Galil DMC-41×3 with AMP-43540

Download specs at http://www.galilmc.com/catalog/cat40x0.pdf or http://www.galilmc.com/catalog/cat41x3.pdf.

AMP-435×0 2- and 4-axis 600 W Servo Drives with Sinusoidal Commutation (-D3520, -D3540)

The AMP-43540 contains four transconductance, PWM amplifiers for driving brushed or brushless servo motors with sinusoidal commutation and the AMP-43520 contains two PWM amplifiers.  Each amplifier drives motors operating at up to 8 Amps rms cont., 15 Amps peak, 20–80 VDC.  The gain settings of the amplifier are user-programmable at 0.4, 0.8 and 1.6 Amp/Volt.  The switching frequency is 33 KHz.  The amplifier offers protection for over-voltage, under-voltage, over-current, short-circuit and over-temperature.  Hall sensors are not required for brushless motor commutation.  A shunt regulator option is available.  The AMP-43520 (-D3520) 2-axis 600W brushed/brushless sine drive is $650 US in quantity 1 and $375 US/ea qty 100.

SDM-440×0 2- and 4-axis Stepper Drives (-D4020, -D4040)

The SDM-44040 contains four drives for operating two-phase bipolar step motors and the SDM-44020 contains two stepper drives.  The SDM-440×0 requires a single 12–30 VDC input.  The unit is user-configurable for 1.4 A, 1.0 A, 0.75 A, or 0.5 A per phase and for full step, half-step, 1/4 step or 1/16 step.  The SDM-44020 (-D4020) 2-axis stepper drive is $125 US in quantity 1 and $105 US/ea qty 100.

More information on the multi-axis servo and stepper drive options from Galil Motion Control can be found at the link below-

AMP-43520  http://www.servo2go.com/product.php?ID=101658&cat=

SDM-44020   http://www.servo2go.com/product.php?ID=105297&cat= For more information, please contact:


Warren Osak
Toll Free Phone:  877-378-0240
Toll Free Fax:       877-378-0249

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