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Galil Provides Custom Motion Controllers and PLCs to Meet Project Specifications February 18, 2014

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Galil is focused on providing the best motion control and PLC solutions to customers quickly and cost-effectively.  If our standard product offering does not satisfy a customer’s requirements, we will build a special controller that can.  Over the years we have produced thousands of custom hardware and software solutions; more than 50% of our customers use customized motion controllers and PLCs in their machines.

Galil Custom Controller

Galil Custom Controller

Custom motion controllers and PLCs consist of hardware and/or firmware modifications.  An example of a hardware solution might include a unique form factor, special connectors, user-specified communication interfaces, integrated amplifiers, or additional I/O.  Our hardware specials have a typical lead time of 12 weeks for prototypes with an NRE cost as low as $1000.00 US.

Controller firmware modifications may include coordinate transformation, ceramic motor control, custom filters or even custom I/O commands.  The cost for custom firmware starts as low as $400 US.

The typical lead time is 2 weeks for minor modifications and up to 8 weeks for a more complicated solution.

The process of creating a custom motion controller or PLC requires iterative collaboration between Galil and the customer. The procedure for requesting and receiving a custom controller is:

• A customer brings a special request to our engineering team.

• An engineer on the team works closely with the customer to define the solution.

• Once it’s defined, the Galil team writes a detailed specification and generates a quote. The quote includes charges for engineering, the estimated lead time and the unit price at the specified quantity (we give quantity discounts).

• The customer reviews the specification and quote, signs it and sends it back to Galil.

• The customer issues a purchase order.

• Galil’s R&D team develops the custom solution, tests the solution, and documents the changes.

• The solution is delivered to the customer within the specified time frame.

• After delivery to the customer, Galil’s engineering team continues to provide technical support free-of-charge during implementation at the customer site.

Galil is committed to delivering the best standard or custom controller solution to our customers, along with superior technical support for the life of the project.

Click on the link below to view Servo2Go’s family of Programmable Motion Controllers from Galil Motion Control.



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