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Brushless DC Tachometer/Commutators from ServoTek May 13, 2014

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ServoTek Products Inc., a world-renowned manufacturer of instrument-grade DC tachometers and low-cost encoders, announced the successful application of its TachSyn Series brushless DC tachometer/commutator within industrial motor speed monitoring applications.

ServoTek Brushless Tachometer

ServoTek Brushless Tachometer

The high-accuracy TachSyn may be used as either a brushless DC tachometer or brushless DC motor commutator for monitoring the rotational speed of brushless industrial DC motors.  They offer an economical solution to many velocity-loop problems, whether brushless or standard servo.  The robust design of the ServoTek Products TachSyn transducer consists of a primary magnetic sensing device, in which output windings, field winding, and a permanent magnet are all co-located within the stator itself, maximizing reliability.  The transducers are available in several unique models to commutate 4-, 6-, or 8-pole brushless DC motors. Any sized TachSyn tachometer may be specified in applications where a simple DC tachometer signal is the only requirement. Pancake-shaped TachSyn transducers are easily mounted, cantilever- style, to the back of a motor or other device, with synchro-type adjustment for phasing.

Each TachSyn transducer requires one CT-4 Series circuit board (or a customer-supplied equivalent), as well as a connecting cable with double-barreled shield to complete signal conditioning.  The CT-4 circuit board provides AC field excitation for the transducer and conditioning for its output signals, which include a linear low-ripple DC tachometer voltage, and either a Hall-equivalent or sine-wave commutation signal.  The circuit board may be housed up to 100 feet from the hot-running motor, leaving only the non-electronic transducer in close proximity. Standard configurations are normally in stock, and may be ordered online via the company’s website.

Click on the link below to download the complete DC Tachometer Catalog from Servo-Tek Products-http://servo2go.com/support/downloads/Servotek%20Tachometer%202011%20Catalog.pdf

For more information on the DC Tachometers from Servo-Tek Products, click on the link below-http://www.servo2go.com/supplier.php?id=1031080133

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