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New Rotary Stages from Shimpo June 18, 2014

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Shimpo Drives announces its new STH servo-driven rotary actuator.  The STH is a mid-performance rotary actuator that sets a new price/performance point in rotary positioning.

A Shimpo Able servo reducer is the interface between the servo motor and STH output actuator.  The Able features simple mounting of nearly any small to medium servo motor and gives the complete STH package net ratios ranging from 12:1 through 324:1.

Shimpo STH Rotary Stage

Shimpo STH Rotary Stage

STH’s very large crossed roller output bearing allows for impressive thrust loads and tilting moments.  A generous hollow through-bore allows wiring or tubing to be passed through to effectors, fillers, or other active machinery.

Features include:

  • 85 mm pass-through hole allows use of air lines or wiring
  • Input is compatible with most servo motor brands
  • Available ratios range from 12:1 through 324:1
  • Shipped from stock

More information on the STH Rotary Stages from Shimpo can be found at-


For more information, please contact:

Editorial Contact:

Warren Osak
Toll Free Phone:  877-378-0240
Toll Free Fax:   877-378-0249


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