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Galil Now Offers EPICS Driver Baselines October 3, 2014

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EPICS stands for Experimental Physics and Industrial Control System.  It is a set of open source, distributed software tools used extensively for scientific instruments such as particle accelerators, telescopes, and other large-scale experimental installations.  Using EPICS, scientists are able to network together arbitrarily complex systems of nodes, such as motion controllers, PLCs, instrumentation, and other software and hardware agents.  Using a read/write protocol called Channel Access, the Input/Output controllers (IOCs), can interact while providing high-level functionality and interaction for sophisticated physics applications.

Galil now offers the EPICS Driver Baseline.  As shown in Illustration 1, this software provides communication drivers and device support to create a Galil EPICS IOC.  The software comes with the basic support needed for building a feature-rich IOC including the following:

– Support for the DMC-3x01x, DMC-4000, and DMC-41×3 Ethernet based controllers.  Galil communications libraries allow extension to PCI-based controllers such as the DMC-18×6, DMC-18×2, and DMC-18×0.  The array access feature allows easy extension to Galil’s line of RIO-47xxx PLCs.

– Basic Motor Record Support, which is an EPICS IOC Record designed specifically for motion controllers.  See Table for some example fields imn the EPICS Motor Record.

Using the EPICS Channel Access feature, Galil array data can be read and written directly from the EPICS network.  Coupled with DMC code embedded on the controller, the EPICS user can easily extend the EPICS support to any desired Galil firmware feature or programmable function.  The array access feature, which is part of the Galil EPICS driver, allows quick deployment in an EPICS system without requiring a deep knowledge of EPICS IOC development.


Field Description
ACCL Acceleration, Deceleration specified in seconds. Duration of the accel/decel region.
ATHM At home. State of HM input.
DHLM Dial High Limit. Essentially a soft forward end of travel.
DLLM Dial Low Limit. Essentially a soft reverse end of travel.
DMOV Motion complete Boolean. 1 = finished; 0 = moving.Uses motion complete bit from data record.
EGU Engineering units. Galil baseline normalized to counts/steps.
ERES Encoder step size in EGU
HOMF Home Forward. Set to 1 to initiate home.
HOMR Home Reverse.  Set to 1 to initiate home.
HVEL Homing velocity.
ICOF Integral Gain (KI normalized). Valid range; 0.0 <= ICOF <= 1.0
JAR Jog Acceleration (EGU/s/s).
JOGF Jog motor forward.  Set to 1 to initiate jog forward.
JOGR Jog motor reverse.  Set to 1 to initiate jog reverse.
JVEL Jog Velocity.
MRES Motor step size (EGU)
PCOF Proportional Gain
REP Raw Encoder Position
RMP Raw Motor Position. The contents of the hardware’s step-count register.
STOP Stop motion. Set to 1 to initiate stop (ST)
VAL Desired position. Will call a PA/PR to move the motor.
VELO Velocity (EGU/s)
VMAX Max Velocity (EGU/s)

Table 1: Examples of helpful Motor Record Fields


Click on the link below to view Servo2Go’s family of Programmable Motion Controllers from Galil Motion Control.



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