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POSITAL Programmable Incremental Rotary Sensors August 5, 2015

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POSITAL has launched a new line of incremental rotary encoders for the motion control and industrial automation markets. These devices are programmable, which means that performance characteristics such as resolution (number of pulses per turn) and incremental pulse direction (A before B or B before A) can be modified by simply changing firmware parameters. The characteristics of the output driver can similarly be set to either Push-Pull (HTL) or RS422 (TTL).

Posital Fraba Programmable Rotary Encoder

Posital Fraba Programmable Rotary Encoder

The new incremental encoders are based on magnetic measurement technology and are compact, rugged and highly resistant to shock and vibration loadings. Resolution can be set anywhere in the range of 1 to 16,384 pulses per turn. They are also available with high performance seals that make them suitable for use in the most extreme environmental conditions.

Like other POSITAL motion and position sensors, the new incremental encoders are available in a very large number of mechanical configurations. Buyers can choose from an industry-leading range of features and options using POSITAL’s online Product Finder tool, then have the appropriate products built to order in less than two weeks.

Click on the link below to view the datasheet on Posital’s line of programmable incremental rotary encoders-


For more information, please contact:

Warren Osak
Toll Free Phone:  877-378-0240
Toll Free Fax:       877-378-0249

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1. Matija Zajšek - November 30, 2015

Please, please… can you provide me info if products presented here are delivered also to us (Slovenia). Need to know the answer urgent..

Servo2Go.com - December 1, 2015


Yes, we can ship to Slovenia.

Please direct your inquiry to sales@servo2go.com .


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