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Modbus RTU Supported on STM24 and SWM24 Integrated Stepper Motors February 3, 2014

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Whether you are new to our products or a long-time Applied Motion Products user, we think you may be interested in what we have been working on recently.  Why?  Because these products and features can make your life easier by shortening the time it takes to complete your motion control project, while also reducing complexity, cost, and component count.

Perhaps you saw our feature article last month regarding our newly supported communication protocol, Modbus RTU: Dial “M” for Modbus. Maybe you have heard about our NEMA 24 integrated steppers (STM24 and SWM24), which combine the advanced features of our microstepping drive and controller into a single device with a NEMA 23 motor mount.

In case you missed it, Modbus RTU is Applied Motion Products’ newest fieldbus protocol, which is now available on the following integrated stepper products:

•  STM24QF-3AE
•  STM24QF-3AN
•  STM24QF-3RE
•  STM24QF-3RN
•  SWM24QF-3AE

Modbus RTU operates on a serial link, and is optimized for use on RS-485. It operates on the principle of registers, which can be used to monitor the drive’s behavior, send data to and from the drive, and execute commands. It is uniquely suited to PLC applications since PLCs use a similar memory model by design. As such the Modbus RTU protocol is typically already integrated into most PLC and HMI platforms as a generic driver.

Take a look at our Application Notes for Modbus RTU that are available for download from our website.  The engineers at Applied Motion Products have already done the hard work for you by preparing and documenting these easy-to-use examples:

•  APPN0027A Modbus/RTU from Automation Direct PLC
•  APPN0029 Modbus/RTU from Proface HMI
•  APPN0030 Modbus/RTU from Beijer Electronics HMI

For more information on the Integrated Step Motors with Modbus from Applied Motion Products, click on the link belows:



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Warren Osak
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New Marquees from Exor are available as single line up to 4 lines, in either 13 or 20 character lengths November 18, 2013

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Tri-color DataVisor Marquees are available as single line up to 4 lines, in either 13 or 20 character lengths.

No software is required to use these Marquee signs. No more having to acquire the software, then load it on your laptop computer, confirming you have the most updated version, and then finding the correct serial cable to interface your laptop to the sign.

Exor Marquee Family

Exor Marquee Family

All the units have a web server built right into the sign for easy set up and configuration from your browser. All the intelligence needed to setup, collect data or send messages is included right inside the sign. If you have ever worked with other marquee signs, you will be amazed at how easy it sets up and configures.

Click on the links below to view the specification on Exor’s family of marquees.

Digital Marquee – Marquees    Use binary inputs to display up to 128 user programmable messages    [more info]

Ethernet IP Marquee – Marquees Connects directly to the Rockwell Ethernet/IP network     [more info]

Messenger Marquee – Marquees    Web-based message editor and controller    [more info]

Production Marquee  – Marquees    Integrated production monitoring systems. No software required     [more info]

Production Panel Meter  – Marquees    Display production information on a 1/8 DIN panel size. Three display types available.    [more info]

Modbus Marquee  – Marquees    This series connects & communicates on the Modbus network     [more info]

Download your free Simple Guide to OEE .

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Warren Osak
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