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Industry links to the IoT from product order to delivery April 1, 2015

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Reprint of the Electronics in Automation Feature – Canadian Electronics magazine, page 16

Posital Programmable Encoders

Posital Programmable Encoders

While the 2015 International CES and its exhibitors may think they own the Internet of Things (IoT) based on the recent fanfare, factory automation is among the many areas besides consumer electronics that is poised to benefit from the connectivity provided by the IoT (CES coverage on pages 4, 12 and 13).  In fact, for factories other commonly used terms include smart factories, smart production, Industry 4.0, cyber physical systems (CPS) and more.

Smarter factories mean increased automation with highly-connected intelligent production systems and processes.  In the factory environment, the connectivity to the Cloud (the cyber system) from the physical system in the factory can be wireless or wired.  Many industrial IoT applications start with wireless sensing monitoring and controlling production processes and providing that data to other locations within the company or by obtaining input from internal or external sources to improve the automation process…

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